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Wedding Photography Certification

Becoming a wedding professional can be a daunting task. We are here to make this industry more accessible and give you the skills and equipment you need to excel in it.

Course Breakdown

Week 1 - The Basics 

Start your journey by learning the basics of camera operations and wedding services. This week includes learning traditional wedding terminology and familiarizing yourself with the Sony Mirrorless cameras we use at weddings. By the end of the first week, you will have a foundation for camera basics like menu navigation, exposure settings, lens options, and more.

Week 2 - Intro to Flash

In week 2, you will continue working hands-on with the Sony cameras and learn about using a flash when shooting weddings. Being in control of the flash is essential as it allows you to create unique looks and adjust to different environments. You will learn how to navigate the flash settings to achieve your desired outcome. 

*Between week 2 and week 5, students will complete a minimum of 20 hours of shadowing*

Week 3 - Multiple Flashes

Expand your dynamic range by bringing in a second flash. Using multiple flashes allows you to do more with your subject and environment. You will learn how to sync multi flashes, use them in various situations, and begin the basics of composition. 

Week 4 - Composition & Posing

In week 4, you will dive deeply into photo composition and posing with couples and the wedding party. This week is where you will apply everything you have learned so far and put it together. Adjust your lighting and angles to bring your creative vision to life.

Week 5 - Evaluation

In week 5, we put your new skills to the test in a simulated wedding. This evaluation allows us to test if you are emotionally, physically, and creatively ready to work a real wedding. You must pass the evaluation to receive your photography certification.

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